To make your desk work comfortable during pregnancy

A baby will be born soon. Congratulations. This wonderful blessing is about to change your life. Pregnancy is part of the journey of a woman to become a mother. However, Sankyu is given only after childbirth, even if the trip is not smooth sailing and sometimes difficult for the mother. In order for a woman to have a good life for her baby, she must work from the first trimester to the third trimester.

But women, whether employed by the company or working freelance, have the right to comfort and flexibility.

Mothers can take maternity leave, but unfortunately most employers do not pay during this period. When they had to go to work during pregnancy, they had to do their best to cope with physical changes and at the same time get their job done at work. It’s a lot harder to sit and do desk work for a long time with another person in your stomach than someone else. However, even in these difficult situations, work can be fun and fulfilling for pregnant women. Here are some recommended ways to enjoy your work even during pregnancy.

Arrange workspace equipment for ease of use

When you become pregnant, your physical condition is not so good and you will not move much. Therefore, in order to improve work efficiency, it is better to arrange necessary equipment and equipment so that you can get what you need at any given time. Store things you don’t use often in the right place and take them out only when you need them. Avoid straining your neck to talk on your cell phone, leaning forward when reaching for a drawer. Don’t exhaust your muscles.

It is also good to divide the workspace into three, “for office work”, “for computer work”, and “for meetings”, depending on the work content and environment.

Swap the sitting and standing postures frequently

You may forget that sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health and should be avoided. It is advisable to set an alarm to remind you that you need a break to move from sitting to standing and vice versa. You don’t want to have muscle problems at this point. At the same time, it is not good to keep standing for a long time. The entire leg or leg may hurt, or swelling or swelling may occur. Therefore, it is important to have a good balance between standing and sitting postures during work. Be aware that your back is curled up as evidence of poor posture. It is a good idea to repeat the sitting and standing postures every certain amount of time.

Use a comfortable ergonomic chair

Of course, this is beneficial for non-pregnant employees, but even more so for pregnant women. Pregnancy changes your body, including your stomach. The baby in the stomach puts a strain on the musculoskeletal system, which can eventually lead to back pain. Having an office chair that can be adjusted appropriately to your needs is a great and valuable investment. Ergonomic office chairs are designed to reduce back pain, neck pain and muscle pain.

Adjust the office chair to the most comfortable position

To get a comfortable office chair, you need to make the most of its features. How do you make an adjustable office chair just right for you?

1. Check the position of the lumbar support and push it forward until your shoulders are relaxed and in a well-balanced position.

2. Ideally, your feet should be parallel to the floor. Adjust the height and depth of the seat. You can barefoot when working at home or in a cool place.

3. I want to have a balanced posture throughout the day. To do this, adjust the tilt of the backrest. It’s a good idea to imagine a posture in which your hips, shoulders, neck, and ears are in a straight line.

4. It is natural to adjust the office chair so that you can take the correct posture when you become pregnant.

Keep healthy meals in one corner of your desk

Pregnant women sometimes suffer from intense appetite. Whether you’re pregnant for the first time or a veteran mother, you’ll be amazed at the vigorous appetite that you can’t fit into, even though you’re always eating. It’s okay. Because you are feeding two humans. That said, we take care of your baby’s health, so be sure to choose healthy and healthy foods to eat. Keeping healthy meals within reach will make it easier to work on. You will not be hungry and interrupt your work.


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