Is it possible that working from home will be new normal?

Working from home has proved beneficial, but does it need to be the only option?

Over the last two years, the coronavirus pandemic has brought us a lot. It brought us objections, illnesses, deaths, vaccines and more. One of the biggest things it has brought to the world of careers is working from home. Working from home is the safest way for businesses to keep employees socially away, and not everyone needs to be in the office. Working from home is good for some because it helps them to be more focused, more productive, and have the opportunity to enrich their lives with the time they save from not commuting. was.

Companies have seen the results while many people work from home. Many companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify have made telecommuting a permanent system for all employees. While many companies still have employees working in the office, others are taking a hybrid approach of employees in the office and those working from home.

The aspect of working from home is very simple. You have a place to communicate with your employer and work on your day-to-day work while staying in the comfort of your own home. Some people now feel that working from home is new normal, while others feel that working from home is just one option for those who miss “social life in the office.” Certainly it’s good to stand around the water cooler and chat with colleagues at work. When most of the things are done online, you have to set up face-to-face communication and meet colleagues just for that.

With the unpredictable future of the coronavirus, it is difficult to know if the former world we lived in will someday return, or if life with social distance will be our way of life forever. One aspect that many of us are unaware of is the mental health implications of working from home. There are millions of people in this world who suffer from social unrest. Social anxiety is crippled and difficult to manage, but in a world where people have to work with people to work, most people reduce their stress and deal with it in order to live.

The advantage of working from home is that people suffering from social anxiety and general workplace anxiety can focus on getting the job done. Without social anxiety or mental health problems, people can really show their value without worrying about how to deal with it on a daily basis at work. Work stress is generally a pain that people have to deal with, and of course it can still happen, but working from home alleviates it.

The pure fact that you can get up from bed, walk a few steps, and work is amazing. We can work all day in comfortable clothing instead of dress code that matches the dress code of a rigid company, and literally feel at home as soon as we leave our home office. There is nothing better than that. Others work from home to improve their health during breaks, do what they need to do around the house during breaks, and enjoy self-catering for lunch.

Working from home can make you happy in the end, even if it looks unhappy. When working from home is no longer an option, many will quit their current job. Not only do they want to feel safe, but they also quit because they don’t want to return to a less comfortable environment. We are habitual creatures, so when there is a 90% chance that a change will occur, we will not feel comfortable with it. No one wants to uproot the environment in which we have been comfortable for more than two years.

When it’s time to return to our office in the past, you’ll probably have the feeling of being torn apart. Do you want to continue working from home or return to the office environment? I’m sure 9 out of 10 people will choose to work from home. You don’t really want to get things back to their previous state. As mentioned earlier, workplace mental health problems appear to be diminishing (depending on the person and type of work). Personally, I’ve been working from home for almost two years, but it’s a paradise for me to be able to use noise canceling headphones, listen to podcasts, and concentrate in a dark room.

Working from home is great for anyone who suffers from mental health problems at work, such as social anxiety and many other issues. When working from home, there is nothing to distract you from what happens in the office. Few people come to the office for distracting chatter, countless loud conversations, or the stress of working in the office.

Most people like to work steadily for the weekend (as catchy 80’s songs say). The harder we work, the sooner the weekend will come. It’s just a general thing. From now on, the way of working will be decided while thinking about what many of us want to do in the future and what will happen. Do you like working from home or do you care? Think about both before changing your environment.


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