How is foot pain related to back pain?

Have you ever been unable to work because of intolerable pain? Have you ever kept turning over to find a sleeping posture that relieves back pain? Or have you ever had a pain in your leg when you woke up in the morning and walked?

If you are experiencing this kind of situation, your current foot pain may be related to back pain. To find out how these two are related, I’ve summarized some interesting facts about the causes and how to relieve pain.

Relationship between foot pain and back pain

Surprisingly, most of the pain you feel in your feet has no cause in the feet themselves, unless you are injured. Pain in the legs is caused by inflammation or compression of the nerve roots in the lower back. This pain spreads along the sciatic nerve (the longest nerve in the body) and can reach the feet.

As mentioned in this article, back pain isn’t just about your feet. If left untreated, it can also affect the knee, hip, shoulder and spinal joints.

Below are some of the symptoms of foot pain.

You may not be able to lift your foot up, and you may have numbness in the middle of your lower leg and your foot. This pain occurs when one of the spinal nerve roots in the lower back, which stimulates the sciatic nerve, is affected.

It may be difficult to walk on your toes. This is basically a common foot pain felt by people whose cause is the sciatic nerve. This symptom will cause people to have difficulty walking, driving, and various activities.According to The Spine Institute, the gaps in the back narrow and the lumbar region presses on nerves. It can also be due to spinal canal stenosis. And foot pain can cause tingling sensations, repetitive numbness, and generalized weakness.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, about 31 million Americans are experiencing back pain, due to improper shoes and flat feet. What does this mean? Is not it?

Our feet are the ultimate recipient of our weight, so the more we weigh, the more likely we are to have problems with our feet. If our feet are unable to absorb the impact or redistribute the burden properly, problems can occur elsewhere, including the hips in some cases.

However, the doctor will advise the patient to improve foot function and reduce knee and lower back pain with appropriate shoes and orthodontic insoles.

Bad habits that cause back pain

What about the opposite?

Overeating: Remember that you have to choose the food your body needs from grains, fruits and vegetables. Eating unhealthy foods can cause inflammation and remove necessary nutrients. It is also advisable to take nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D.

Leaning forward: It’s become a habit for most people who work at their desk for hours. Sitting leaning forward for long periods of time is not only dangerous to the spine, but also to overall health.

Sleep on your back: Place a round roll under your knees to give your back a natural curve. Also, put a pillow between your legs to reduce the pressure on your lower back. Changing the height of the pillow may also help.

Smoking: Although it may seem suspicious, smoking reduces blood flow, including the spine. Smoking causes the cushion discs between the bones to break down faster, which can slow healing, especially in the case of osteoporosis. You need to quit smoking now to prevent back pain.

Lack of Exercise: This is one of the reasons why your muscles dormant. First of all, please try to be active. Talk to your doctor about the exercises that suit you and don’t forget to stretch before exercising.

No ergonomic workstation: Most people now need to work from home, so ask a chiropractor if your workstation is ergonomically correct. please. That way you won’t have neck or back pain. Invest in a height-adjustable desk to stay productive and at work.

It’s never too late to prioritize health. All you need to do is fix discipline and bad habits. Just wearing comfortable low-heeled shoes will make a difference. Talk to your doctor first before making the situation worse.


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